Nokia introduces the BH-904 Bluetooth headset

Nokia announced the BH-904 Bluetooth headset, which features the ability to separate a user's voice from ambient sound, as well as multipoint technology, and a unique sliding boom mic.

Nokia BH-904
Nokia BH-904 Nokia

Nokia showed off its latest Bluetooth headset at a CES press event last night, and it's called the Nokia BH-904. The big talking point of the BH-904 is that it is able to separate a user's voice from ambient sound, which helps in improving voice quality in crowded environments. It also has multipoint technology, which lets it connect to two different devices simultaneously, and a sliding boom design, for enhanced audio quality. The headset measures 2 inches by 0.8 inch by 0.4 inch and weighs a scant 0.6 ounce. It has a rated talk time of 8 hours and up to 160 hours in standby. No word on pricing or availability just yet, but we suspect it'll be some time this year.

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