Nokia GSMA slide show

At the GSMA World Congress in Barcleona, Nokia announced four high-end cell phones. CNET gives you the full scoop on all the news models in our slide show.

Nokia N96 Nokia

It's the first day of the GSMA World Congress and the big players are already battling it out to steal the show. Nokia was one of the first companies out of the gate when it announced four new devices at a 10am press conference on Monday morning (that's just 1am for you West Coast folks). We've wrapped all the announcements up into a Nokia GSMA slide show.

Of the new phones, two are additions to the company's N-series line. The Nokia N96 is an update to the Nokia N95 and the Nokia N78 offers a raft of music features. The Nokia 6220 Classic doesn't look like much at first but it's 5-megapixel camera just about rivals that of a standalone shooter. For GPS fans, Nokia offers the 6210 Navigator. Packed with GPS goodies the 6210 will guide you to your destination whether in your are in the car or on foot. And if you get really lost, you can always call for directions. To see these new handsets in all their glory, check out out Nokia GSMA slide show.

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