Nokia fixes purple screen bug in Lumia 900

A correction is in the works for the purple hue seen on the screens of some Nokia Lumia 900 smartphones, says the mobile handset maker.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Nokia seems to have solved the mystery of the purple hue.

The company's NokiaCare account tweeted the news yesterday, saying that it has identified the issue and promising a fix bundled into the next overall software update.

Plaguing some owners of the Nokia 900 Lumia, the bug displays a purple tint on the screen when the brightness is set low. Several posts at the XDA Developers Forum discussed the issue and displayed the actual problem, showing the difference in tint between a good model and a bad model.

Nokia acknowledged the glitch last month via its Facebook account and a U.K. discussion forum. Customers in Europe were advised to bring the phone to the nearest Nokia Care center where support staff could examine it.

The company was mum about a launch date for the fix but said it would tweet its followers when the software update is available.

The Lumia 900 has seen strong demand in certain regions, such as the U.S. But the phone has been afflicted by a few problems.

An initial bug prevented users from establishing a data connection. Nokia responded by offering a $100 credit for both new and existing customers, covering the cost of a new Lumia 900. A few other minor glitches have been found in the phone, according to WPCentral, which thinks Nokia will fix through the next software update.

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