Nokia announces U.S. availability of Nokia E61i and Nokia E65

Finnish cell phone manufacture, Nokia, announces U.S. availability of the business-centric Nokia E61i and Nokia E65 Symbian smart phones.

Nokia E65
Click the image to start the Nokia E65 slide show. Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Back in February at the 3GSM World Congress, Nokia introduced three new models to its E series of business-centric smart phones: the Nokia E65, the Nokia E61i, and the Nokia E90. We oohed and we ahhed, and went through our usual pangs of defeat as we resigned ourselves to fact that we probably wouldn't see these devices in the United States. Well, lift up your heads and break those piggy banks, my friends, because today the Finnish cell phone manufacturer announced the U.S. availability of the Nokia E65 and Nokia E61i (the E90 is expected to ship in Q3). Unfortunately, there's no U.S. carrier backing for either phone so you'll shell out about $400 for each, and you can buy them directly from Nokia's Web site or from one of the company's flagship stores. Both smart phones run Symbian OS 9.1 and feature 2-megapixel cameras as well as integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The Nokia E65 boasts a compact slider design and offers more voice-centric features, while the Nokia E61i goes after the messaging fanatics with its full QWERTY keyboard. Read our reviews to see which one is right for you.

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