No manual music management on iPhone?

Has Apple taken off a useful feature on their latest iPod?

During CNET's review of the Apple iPhone I found a surprising omission from the iPhone's device tab in iTunes. It seems that there's no way to manually move content between iTunes and the iPhone. Instead, content management relies entirely on automatic syncing preferences. As someone who uses their iPod on multiple computers, I rely on the 'Manage music and videos manually' check box that appears in the device manager tab when I connect my iPod to iTunes. Without it, each time I sync my iPod to a different computer I run the risk of having content overwritten.

Am I the only one who finds this strange? Am I missing something? I suppose it speaks to the fact that the iPhone is only meant to be used with one computer. Otherwise, you run the risk of overwriting crucial phone information like your contacts and calendar. The iPhone's syncing preferences offer a handful of workarounds, but nothing as direct as dragging and dropping content. Anyone else upset to see the manual transfer option excluded?

Photo of iTunes software with iPhone.
Did Apple leave off a check box?
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