Nixie tube clocks have moxie!

These retro Nixie Tube Clocks and DIY kits reclaim time-telling in the name of the clock.

One of the tragic victims of the cell phone's widespread popularity are good, old-fashioned timepieces. Everyone has a do-it-all, pocketable device that makes calls, tells time, and surfs the Internet, so clocks and watches have fallen by the wayside.

Thanks to these retro Nixie Tube Clocks and DIY kits, you can reclaim time-telling in the name of the clock. Not only that, you can also bring your desk's fashion sense back to the glory years of the standalone timepiece.

These hand-made clocks and clock-making kits display the time with old-fashioned glowing orange numbers in Russian Nixie tubes. According to the site, the numbers fade in and out as the time changes.

Depending on the style, the clocks run from $135 for the toaster-like Four-Tube Nixie Desk Clock to $495 for the solid aluminum Six-Tube IN14 Clock.

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