Nissan to build production Juke-R supercars

Because of high interest in the high-powered concept Juke-R, and firm offers for three of the cars, Nissan says it will build a very limited run of its Juke/GT-R mashup.

Nissan Juke-R
With enough money, you can get Nissan to build one of these. Nissan

Last year a Nissan department based in Europe came up with the strange idea of putting the GT-R 's engine in the new Juke small SUV. The car was introduced as a concept, and Nissan probably thought that was the end of the matter. Like most concept cars, the Juke-R would be consigned to a lonely corner of a garage, and eventually disassembled.

A strong positive reaction from the car-loving public, which must have taken Nissan by surprise, dictated a different fate for the car. After the Juke-R's first public appearance, in Dubai of all places, Nissan capitalized on its popularity by releasing videos of it racing a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, and a GT-R.

All along, Nissan insisted the oddball Juke-R was nothing more than a concept.

That is, until one of Dubai's wealthy elite made a firm commitment to buy two Juke-Rs, if Nissan would make them. Another undisclosed individual also joined in, running Nissan's Juke-R up to three.

And with that, the company says it will build more of the cars, as long as more people come forward. The company even offered up an e-mail address,, where parties can express interest.

Nissan does not say how much one of the mighty Juke-Rs would cost, however. Given the source of one of the initial offers, we can assume a lot. Probably a lot more than a GT-R.

To juice up the offer, Nissan says its production Juke-Rs will use the running gear of the 2012 GT-R, meaning 545 horsepower from its twin-turbo 3.8-liter V-6. The concept Juke-R, based on the 2010 GT-R, only had 480 hp.

Nissan also released a new movie of the Juke-R on its Facebook page. Click here to watch.

If this idea really takes off, Nissan can start a whole new R division, producing the Altima-R, Versa-R, and Pathfinder-R.


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