Nissan delivers electric Leaf to first customer in Hawaii

Nissan delivers an electric Leaf to the first Hawaiian customer, Bill Markevitch, a development executive for Hawaii Pacific Health.


No range anxiety here. Bill Markevitch just took delivery of the 2011 Nissan Leaf in Hawaii. A development executive for Hawaii Pacific Health in Honolulu, Markevitch plans to use photovoltaic panels installed on his home to have the sun power his car.

The Leaf has already launched in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Tennessee, and Texas.

"We are excited about Nissan bringing the first Nissan Leaf electric vehicle to Hawaii," said Estrella Seese, acting energy program administrator of the State of Hawaii Energy Office. "The introduction of the Nissan Leaf will support our state's effort to move towards a clean energy future and meet our 70 percent energy goal by 2030."

Hawaii recently received a network of commercial charging stations at Hawaii Nissan dealerships installed by American Electric Co. The company is also ready to install home charging stations.

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