NintendoLand aims to become Wii Sports of Wii U

According to the game company, the title will help players get a better feel for how the Wii U operates.

NintendoLand on display at E3.
NintendoLand on display at E3. James Martin/CNET

To help players understand the functionality of Wii U's dual-screen initiative, Nintendo unveiled NintendoLand today at E3.

Similar to Wii Sports on the Wii when that product launched, NintendoLand will include gameplay designed to showcase the many features the console offers. However, NintendoLand, which is based around the idea of a theme park, combines a host of the company's "classic" franchises, including Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and others.

To add a bit more flavor to NintendoLand, the game company says it will be tied in with Miiverse, though further details were not divulged.

All told, NintendoLand will come with 12 "attractions" for gamers to try out. At E3, Nintendo is showcasing five of them.

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