Nintendo Wii U: Inside and out

Nintendo shows us its vision for the future: Wii U. Is it another revolution? Here's one thing we know: the controller is every bit as outlandish as we were led to believe.

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo found lightning in a bottle with the Wii, and with Wii U--the company's upcoming console--it might have found the bottling plant. Wii U builds upon the barriers broken by the Wii and takes advantage of a touchscreen-equipped controller that offers players a new way to interact with games paired with a console capable of HD visuals.

We'll just state up front that Nintendo did not disclose many pertinent details of its next system at E3 2011 today. There's no official price point. And there's no specific release date. It might come out somewhere between April Fool's Day and New Year's Eve in 2012. The rumors were also correct about Wii U. It's most definitely going to be running in high definition and the controller is every bit as outlandish as we were led to believe. Probably more so.

The actual hardware behind Wii U is still under wraps. Nintendo offered no specifics as to the internals behind its upcoming console, but its size and capabilities give us much to speculate about.

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