Nintendo Wii gets catering channel in Japan

Japanese gamers rejoice! Now you can have food delivered via the new Wii catering channel.

The new Japanese Wii Catering Channel (Demae Channel) lets you point and click your way to food delivery right from your Nintendo Wii.

Wii catering channel
Take a break from Wii Fit to order a pizza! Wii Demae Channel

There are categories for pizza, noodles, sandwiches, curry, burgers, chicken, and many other snacks, complete with visual menus that let you select toppings and save your orders for next time.

Food is a national obsession in Japan , but as far as I know delivery isn't as common as in other big cities, such as New York. I suspect Wii players will be able to easily rationalize ordering a meal to augment all the calories they burn off in a rousing game of Tennis.

These type of tie-ins seem like logical extensions to gameplay (even if they aren't necessarily the healthiest) now that most consoles have Internet connectivity. Sadly, most console manufacturers maintain the walled-garden approach and it will be awhile before we see an ecosystem of third-party providers crop up.

(Via Destructoid)

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