Nintendo DS, movie star

Nintendo DS, movie star

The Nintendo DS is set to make its motion picture debut as a spy gadget, the company announced this week. The handheld video game system will make an appearance in the upcoming teen spy thriller "Stormbreaker," which is based on the first book in the popular Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz.

After the murder of Alex Rider's uncle and guardian, the MI6 British spy agency recruits the reluctant 14-year-old to take over his uncle's mission. Like any good spy, he receives his key piece of gadgetry during training: a hot-rod-red Nintendo DS. He also gets several game cards that transform his DS into an eavesdropping device, a wiretap detector or a smoke bomb.

"Stormbreaker" is scheduled for release in the United Kingdom on July 21, in the United States on Oct. 6 and worldwide starting in August.

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