Nintendo: DS is fastest-selling game console ever

The Nintendo DS series has become the fastest-selling home game console in history, with more than 100 million sold in just more than four years and three months.

The Nintendo DS series has become the fastest-selling home game console ever, Nintendo claims. Unit sales reached 100 million as of March 6, 2009, just four years and three months since its release on November 21, 2004.

Nintendo's original portable game console, the Game Boy, took 11 years and two months to achieve 100 million sales, according to the company.

I'm sure that the recent decision by the Board of Education in Osaka, Japan, to distribute Nintendo DS systems to 10 elementary and junior-high schools in the region will only help the numbers grow in Japan. Those systems contain educational applications and are subsidized by the government. They are rented to the schools rather than sold--which means that parents can buy kids their very own, when the time comes--seeding the next generation of addicts.

Check out CNET's coverage of the Nintendo DSi, coming to the United States in April.

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