Nikon D300's time about up?

Rumors surface of its replacement, the D500.

Nikon D300 getting old? CNET

The first rumor has surfaced--this time from Stock Photo market and Creative Digital Photography guide--about the successor to the still successful Nikon D300.

Normally, I don't pass on unattributed, nonspecific product rumors. But in this case, I decided it was worth mentioning to all of you considering your next dSLR purchase, because it's a reminder that the D300 will be a year old next month, so the site's claim that a new model will be out in the first quarter of 2009 is probably true. I'm guessing an announcement just before PMA (which starts March 3).

As for specifications, they're saying probably about 15 megapixels with a D90-quality video mode.

And given Nikon's habit of moving old product down the line, I could see a price drop to bring the D300 into line with the Canon 50D as well.

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