Nike+iPod Sport Kit hits the road

Nike and Apple Computer launched the Nike+iPod Sport Kit with a run from the Niketown store in Los Angeles.

Nike and Apple Computer launched the Nike+iPod Sport Kit on Thursday with a run from the Niketown store in Los Angeles. The $29 kit consists of a wireless sensor that fits into Nike+ Air Zoom Moire sneakers, and a small white receiver that plugs into an iPod Nano. The Nike/iPod connection lets the iPod track distance, time, pace and calories burned. Athletes create the exercise program they want, and each time the iPod Nano is synced, the data stored from the kit is noted and charted. Athletes can also choose to have verbal updates of their progress whispered into their ears as they run.

Through Nikeplus, athletes can register to participate in virtual races, and have their progress charted against others in the U.S. iTunes is also featuring exercise playlists from famous athletes, as well as inspirational podcasts. Other Nike+ Trial Runs from various locations in the U.S. will be held over the next couple of weeks to promote the new gadget. In addition to the sneakers, Nike is selling armbands and other clothing containing iPod compartments. The Nike/Apple partnership was first announced in May at a New York event featuring cyclist Lance Armstrong.

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