Nike Amp+ wrist-mounted remote coming soon?

Men's Health Tech Guide let's it slip: the as-yet-unannounced Nike Amp+ wireless iPod remote.


Neither Apple or Nike has announced the slick-looking accessory pictured at right, but somehow it's managed to sneak its way onto several gadget blogs. Called the Amp+, this fitness-friendly accessory was outed a bit early in the 2007 Men's Health Tech Guide. Sounds like another incident that occurred several months back. In any case, I'm thankful for the slip-ups because they mean we get some dirt a little earlier than usual, and that's always welcome. There's not much info on the Amp+, but it will likely work with the same proprietary Bluetooth transmitter that makes up the Nike + iPod package, and we know that it will serve as a wireless remote for said iPod (currently, the Nano only). You'll be able to start, pause, and shuttle through tracks as well as adjust volume. There also appears to be some kind of display for tracking the progress of your run. Engadget has the price at $80, and I'd bet that much that this nifty accessory will be out for the holiday shopping year's, at least.

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