Nigerian firm demands $20 million from One Laptop Per Child

Lancor has also persuaded a Nigerian court to place an interim injunction on the nonprofit, blocking distribution of laptops in that country.

Remember that Nigerian company headed by a convicted felon that sued the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project for patent infringement?

Well, the suit has finally been a Nigerian court...with $20 million in damages on the table.

The cheekiness is breathtaking.

As Groklaw reports, there is also:

an injunction blocking OLPC from distribution in Nigeria. They have the latter at the moment from an interim injunction, as they call it there, from an ex parte motion Lancor filed, meaning OLPC wasn't there, didn't get a chance to tell its story in court, and based entirely on an attorney affidavit and some papers filed. The interim can last many, many months, and I think that may be the plan. OLPC, as I understand it, hasn't even been served yet. But I've learned that OLPC will aggressively respond shortly. Others listed as co-defendants, like the Growing Business Foundation, have been served and their offices searched for "evidence," which is the process there.

With Nigeria's record on corruption, who would want to litigate anything there? This is ridiculous...or would be if it weren't actually happening.

I usually look to the U.S. to demonstrate the worst of legal buffoonery. Glad to see Nigeria is trying to catch up.

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