NFL Sunday Ticket comes to the PlayStation 3

NFL nuts, take note: DirecTV's Sunday Ticket streaming package is set to join MLB and NHL on the PS3.

NFL on PS3: you ready?
NFL on PS3: You ready? DirecTV

Football season is upon us, yet being a football fan often feels like a punishment if you enjoy technology; streaming of NFL games has lagged behind the NBA, NHL, and MLB in terms of device availability.

Sony announced today that NFL Sunday Ticket will be available on the PlayStation 3 this season, bringing the only method of viewing all NFL games to a video game console for the first time.

The price of adoption isn't cheap: New customers who aren't already using DirecTV will have to pay $339.95 for the privilege of streaming a whole season of games. Existing DirecTV customers have to pay $50 to activate the PS3 connectivity.

Another caveat: this only allows access to out-of-market games, meaning that die-hard local fans (such as myself) will have to watch local broadcasts and regular television for their teams, and hop off the PS3--or, keep the PS3 and TV in a picture-in-picture orientation.

Yes, the games will be in full HD, and Red Zone Channel is included. The $340 is $90 more than the price of the newly price-dropped PS3, but for football junkies, at least this is progress. And, not having to pay any extra for DirecTV service or a satellite dish setup sounds like a plus.

We're curious to see this in action. For the record, NFL Sunday Ticket also works as of this season on the following mobile platforms, according to DirecTV's press release: the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy tablets, Motorola's Android phones, the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Blackberry devices with 3G or Wi-Fi, the Palm Pre/Pixi, and "other Droid-branded phones."

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