Next Real Deal on Using a Mac and PC side-by-side

We changed the topic for The Real Deal to using a Mac and PC side-by-side. Self-publishing will be next week.

We were planning on doing self-publishing as our Real Deal topic tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb. 10) but David Carnoy is unable to do the show. Mr. Carnoy, a CNET editor, has successfully self-published and we wanted to grill him on what he knows.

So we're postponing the self-publishing topic until next week.

This week, we're going to talk about using a Mac and PC side-by-side. Both Rafe and I have a Mac laptop and a Thinkpad on our desk but we both use them in very different ways. If you are one of the happy few who also dual-use, then please make some comments below and we'll try to integrate them int o the show.

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