Next MySpace-MTV 'presidential dialogue' to feature Obama

Democratic contender will converse with students at Coe College in Iowa, as well as viewers watching a live stream and submitting questions online.

The next installment of and MTV's "presidential dialogue" series will take place at 10:30 a.m. PDT Monday, October 29, at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The featured candidate will be Democratic contender Barack Obama, a U.S. Senator from Illinois. Moderators will be MTV News correspondents Gideon Yago and Sway Calloway, along with Chris Cillizza, a reporter for The Washington Post's online branch.

The Obama dialogue will be streamed live on MySpace's Election 2008 page, on MTV's Choose or Lose election site, and to cell phone customers who have access to MTV Mobile. A recording will be broadcast on MTV at 7:00 p.m. PDT/EDT that day, with highlights shown throughout the day on the college-centric MTVU channel.

Students in the audience, obviously, will be able to voice their questions to Obama in person. But viewers watching the one-hour event at home--as was the case with last month's inaugural MySpace-MTV event in New Hampshire with Democratic candidate John Edwards--will be able to submit their questions in real time through MySpaceIM and MTV's Think social network.

Additionally, viewers will be able to record their approval or disapproval of the candidate's responses with a voting widget powered by Flektor, a company acquired by MySpace parent Fox Interactive Media earlier this year.

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