New Microsoft Surface Pro models specs said to leak

The Surface Pro is expected to get updated with new Intel processors. A Windows-related news site is claiming it has more details.

The Surface Pro appears set to get new Intel processors. Brooke Crothers

Signs point to Microsoft updating the Intel internals of the Surface Pro on Tuesday. And Windows Phone Central is claiming it has more details.

The site lists a variety of models -- or possibly just different SKUs -- based on a range of Intel Core series processors and a range of prices.

The processor update would likely keep the Surface Pro ahead of the tablet pack in performance. Microsoft is keen on making sure the Pro is one of the fastest tablets on the planet.

Back in January, Microsoft did a stealth (unanounced) processor update of the Pro 2, demonstrating that the company is being aggressive about processor updates.

Other changes to the Surface Pro are unclear. IHS Technology told CNET that a 12-inch model is possible at some point -- based on supply chain activity in Asia -- but added that the likelihood of Microsoft announcing a larger model on Tuesday is far from certain.

Microsoft has not redesigned the Surface Pro since the tablet debuted about a year and a half ago. So, it's due for some cosmetic tweaks -- which may happen on Tuesday -- but whether the design will be overhauled is unclear.

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