Next market for desktop printers: Wood?

Competition heats up in computer engraving.


If you haven't noticed many advancements in printer technology lately, maybe you're looking looking at the wrong medium. Apparently there's some notable competition going on in the area of printers for wood.

Just as the "Craftsman CompuCarve" is literally making its mark in 3D, Roland Japan is hoping to do the same with its new EGX-350 desktop engraver, which the company claims is 50 percent faster than its earlier model thanks to improvements in its motor and other technologies. Able to produce a "hand-carved look," according to Fareastgizmos, the new machine can even create templates that can be used to press rhinestones into clothing. (Another market for Swarovski to butt into.)

What next? An industrial version that can churn out wooden cars, or course.

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