Daily Podcast: Can media hype hurt start-ups?

IBM says it can help diagnose osteoporosis, and was Microsoft bluffing about Yahoo?

You'd think start-ups would jump at any media hype they could get. Not so, says CNET reporter Caroline McCarthy. She joins the podcast to talk about technology companies that generated huge amounts of hype--and then suffered from it later . Knowing how the new-media machine can work, some companies are even trying to fly under the media radar.

That, and the day's headlines, in today's daily podcast.
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Today's stories:

Yahoo shares jump on latest Microsoft report

FAQ: antitrust eyes on Yahoo-Google ad deal

Office subscription service ready to go

Blockbuster abandons Circuit City bid

IBM supercomputer to aid osteoporosis treatment

Should troubled start-ups blame the messenger?

Jobs, Apple directors face new backdating suit

Writing 'bass ackwards' to defeat censorship in China

Obama flip-flops on telecom immunity

The ignored nonrecovery of New Orleans

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