Daily Podcast: After the Yahoo reorg, now what?

The Yahoo reorg is over; now comes the hard part. Why Microsoft thinks being late to the virtualization market is no big deal, and a solution to prevent a P2P backlash?

Yahoo announced its long-awaited reorganization Thursday. Jerry Yang and Sue Decker are still are in charge. But there's been a shift to three main teams aimed to improve products and speed decision-making inside a company slowed down by bureaucratic dawdling. CNET's Editor in Chief Dan Farber assesses the changes

Will history repeat itself? Microsoft sure hopes so. The company's finally getting into the virtualization market, albeit relatively late. That doesn't faze senior management and's Ina Fried explains why.

In the 1960s, Lawrence Roberts invented computer networking via data packets, which led directly to the development of ARPANet and the Internet. Now he's got another big idea, one that may help avid P2P users avoid paying more for the bandwidth they tie up.

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