Newegg now shipping to India and Singapore

The online retailer of PC hardware components makes good on its promise to expand to more countries including Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand and Poland.


In an announcement at this year's Computex, Newegg said that it would be expanding to six new markets by the end of June -- though this was changed to August later on. The e-tailer, known for offering PC hardware components at attractive prices, is now available in India, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland and Singapore.

A quick check on the Singapore store shows that while the selection seems limited for now (the press release mentions this will be improved over time), the prices listed on the site seem competitive compared with what you can get locally.

However, the real killer is in the shipping cost -- when you factor that in, the prices are comparable to what you can get in physical stores (though still slightly lower). Given that that local warranties will be a lot easier to deal with instead of sending a product back for a replacement, Newegg's prices may be a little hard to swallow for now.

However, Newegg did say that the company will ship orders from the US first, and follow up with "a physical presence to serve local demand." If this happens, it's likely that shopping with Newegg will be a lot more enticing.

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