New video: 'Guitar Hero' pro raises the 'Bike Hero' bar

Last week, we were amazed by a staged viral video. This response puts it to shame.

If you're any kind of Internet viral video junkie--you know who you are--then last week you smirked at the Bike Hero video . In case you somehow missed it, Bike Hero is a video of a guy on a bike playing Guitar Hero with markers left on the pavement. Sadly, we soon found out it was a viral video put together by Activision's new creative team.

However, a challenger has appeared! By mounting a TV in the back of a car and using a wireless Guitar Hero controller, ex-Seattleite and competitive Guitar Hero player Freddy Wong posted a video of himself doing one better: melting your face with a blistering Dragonforce solo while riding a bike down the street.

You need to see it to believe it, but this is a masterpiece. Hats off to you, Mr. Wong. Keep rocking on the freeway.

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