New teaser ad: Is it the latest Razer mouse?

Flash ad features a zooming object that appears to be a mouse.

If the gadget pictured with this item is difficult to make out, that's exactly the point. The flash ad was so fast that we were barely able to grab this screenshot.

It had been awhile since we'd seen a mystery product campaign, the latest being Sony's OLED TV, B&O's "Serenata" phone, and IBM's "Reserve Edition" ThinkPad. But we knew another would come out before too long.

This latest teaser campaign reportedly comes from game gear maker Razer to tout a new mouse called the "Salmosa." The ad can be found at and features what appears to be a mouse zooming by. That wouldn't be a huge surprise because Razer prides itself on its specialty mice in particular, though it makes plenty of other high-end gaming equipment as well.

Whatever it is, this latest product will be unveiled on March 4, according to the scant information provided on the teaser page, which includes a countdown clock but almost nothing else. But if it is indeed a mouse, it faces a huge challenge to live up to the standards of the Black Adder.

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