New Shuffle, Intel-ready iBook predicted for MacWorld

The anticipation is already building for January's MacWorld Expo, when Apple watchers are predicting the introduction of both a new, even smaller iPod Shuffle and an Intel-ready iBook.

American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu has heard the new Shuffle will be smaller than a stick of gum and could come in multiple colors, including black. The price points would be $99 and $129 with storage capacities similar to current models.

"We believe this could help offset seasonal weakness in the March quarter similar to last year when iPod Shuffle was introduced," he wrote in a report dated Thursday. A new Shuffle is "a key reason why Apple is adding Hynix as a third NAND flash provider in addition to Samsung and Toshiba," he also wrote.

Meanwhile, Think Secret Senior Editor Ryan Katz wrote Thursday that Apple is planning to release its first entry-level iBook laptops with Intel processors at the San Francisco event.

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