New service will send your dead pet into space

Launching this fall, Celestis Pets will memorialize your pet by sending its cremated remains to infinity. And beyond.

Fido and Fluffy can dance among the stars with Celestis Pets.Celestis

One of the most difficult aspects of getting attached to a pet is losing your beloved companion. Then there's the tough decision of how to memorialize the cherished family animal.

Houston-based Celestis has one idea for sending pets' remains on the journey of a lifetime. This fall, it will launch Celestis Pets, a service that memorializes deceased animals by sending them into space.

Those with pets can select from four packages, ranging form the $1,000 Earth Rise package, which gives Fido a round-trip mission to space in a memorial urn you get to keep upon his return to Earth, to the $12,500-plus Luna and Voyager packages, which send your pet to the moon (and beyond). If you reserve your pet's spot in the Earth Rise program by August 7, Celestis will knock 20 percent off the total bill.

Celestis also runs programs that send human remains into space, should you want to work that awesomeness into your will.

(Via CBS DFW, Laughing Squid)

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