New Sansa Clip is 4GB and <i>really</i> cheap

New Sansa Clip packs the memory: Get 4GB for less than 80 bucks.


What's this? A 4GB MP3 player for just $79? Nope, I'm not playing a cruel joke on you. SanDisk has just added the new capacity to its rather fabulous Sansa Clip line. The new version comes in a universally appealing brushed silver body with a mirrored face, and it offers all the features of its brethren, which is to say quite a few. Of course, you get the built-in removable belt clip, the super compact form factor, and the support for WMA subscription services and Audible tracks. There's also an FM tuner with an autoscan function and up to 40 preset slots, as well as a built-in mic for making voice recordings. I also expect the same impressive audio quality from the 4GB Clip, as only the memory--not the audio chip--is different.

Ooo...shiny! CNET Networks/Donald Bell

What you won't find here is a color screen or any of the amenities that are inherent to such a feature. That means no photo or video viewing, or album art support. Considering the price point, this is entirely understandable. It's also why the Clip makes an excellent choice as a secondary MP3 player (such as for use at the gym) or for first-time MP3 player owners who want something easy to use without making a big investment.

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