New releases: Dylan, The Fray and more

New releases: Dylan, The Fray and more

Bob Dylan's new box set

We take pride in our diverse catalog on Download Music. Whether it's hip-hop, indie rock, electronica or whatever you're into--we dish out the freshness every week in our newsletter. This week we got a taste of Bob Dylan's new box set (aptly named Dylan) for you to hear. Plus, The Fray just reissued its career-changing 2003 EP The Reason, while Motley Crue unleashed a new live double disc. If you're looking for something new and different, check out Mobius Band, Tunng, and Prefuse 73. Since there's some much to swallow, we made it simple for you by compiling this free playlist. Now you're up-to-date!

This week's playlist features: Bob Dylan, The Fray, Keyshia Cole, Master P, Motley Crue, The Most Serene Republic, Megadeth, Nada Surf, and many more.

Free playlist: new releases

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