New models from Apple, Samsung, Toshiba, and Fujitsu: The week in laptops

Apple refreshes its MacBook line, Samsung tiptoes into the United States, and both Toshiba and Fujitsu update their lineups. It's the week in laptops!

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What a week for laptops! We'll start with the big news, which drew many a visitor to Crave: at a press event in Cupertino, Calif., Steve Jobs announced a number of updates to Apple's MacBook line. Get a sense of the changes with our "new vs. old" analysis of the MacBook , MacBook Pro , and MacBook Air , or just have a look at which new MacBook is right for you .

You can also read our review of the new MacBook; stay tuned for the MacBook Pro review. (Also follow those links to see video of the new products.)

Believe it or not, Apple wasn't the only manufacturer making a big laptop announcement this week. Samsung, which thus far has sold laptops only in Europe and Asia, launched a line of laptops in the United States . The company entered the U.S. market with seven laptops that fall into four categories: Netbook (the NC10 ), slim ultraportable (the X series ), mainstream consumer (the Q series and R series ), and business (the P series ). By week's end the Q310 had made its way to the marketplace .

Meanwhile, Toshiba refreshed nearly all of its notebooks, with two new Tecra business laptops , three new Porteges , and a bunch of fresh Satellites . Not to be outdone, Fujitsu joined the fray with the LifeBook A6220 and updates to two other LifeBook models .

Aside from reviewing the MacBooks, we started filling out our holiday retail laptop roundup , because it's never too soon to get your holiday shopping done. And we had a look at a travel gyroscopic mouse that can help reduce arm pain while mousing.

Elsewhere in the news: Averatec's Buddy Netbook started shipping ; NEC joined the Netbook fray ; and a report from Gartner indicated that Netbooks are giving the PC industry a boost .

Also, OWC piggybacked on the Apple announcement to unveil its MacBook memory upgrade kit ; HP is rumored to be developing a touch-screen laptop ; and our colleagues at Crave UK swooned over the Asus Eee PC S101 .

Finally, this week we spotted two awesome laptop accessories: the Chinese Beijing Opera USB laptop cooling pad , and the finger trap laptop security device .

Have a great weekend!

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