New MobileMe Calendar available to all members

Apple brought MobileMe Calendar out of beta and made all of the new features available to its subscribers. Among them is support for Microsoft Exchange.

MobileMe Calendar

Apple officially launched its new MobileMe Calendar today, bringing the features out of beta and making them available to all members of the paid service.

The new MobileMe Calendar debuted as a beta in July , adding a number of new features to make the service more powerful and easier to use. The new calendar includes everything from redesigned views for day, week, and month, to a new list view showing your events.

Among the new features in the calendar is the ability to create a shared calendar and allow those you share it with to also edit events. E-mail notifications can be sent to the users when a change is made.

You can also publish a read-only calendar for a group of users, allowing everyone to see a schedule of meetings or events, that only you can change.

Of course, MobileMe will sync with your Mac and Apple's iCal application, but it will also sync with your iPhone and iPod Touch using iOS 4.1. iPads running iOS 3.2 and iOS 4.2, due to be released in November, are also supported.

PC users will need the MobileMe Control Panel for Windows and Outlook 2007 or 2010 to sync calendars. Outlook with Microsoft Exchange support has been added to the new MobileMe Calendar. This allows Outlook users to view MobileMe calendars side-by-side with Exchange calendars. However, Exchange calendar data is kept separate from MobileMe data and Exchange data is not synced to MobileMe servers, according to Apple.

There are a number of utilities to sync your calendars with Google too. I've used Spanning Sync on my Mac for a number of years with no problems.

Apple posted a page of FAQs to answer some of the most popular questions.

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