New Mexico spaceport: Vote count not moving at rocket speed

On Tuesday, voters in Dona Ana County, N.M., voted. But they still don't know how they voted on a tax proposal to build a spaceport in southern New Mexico. It may now be tomorrow when we learn the final count, according to a report by the Associated Press. There are 571 provisional votes to count, and that could sway the close tally of over 17,000 votes altogether. British billionaire Richard Branson would like to build a new spaceport there, but a "No" vote would stop public taxes from being used to subsidize the project.

Even if it passes, we pointed out New Mexico's spaceport . If New Mexico doesn't go for it, Branson is expected to jet off to somewhere else with his plan. But he has indicating his company would sign a lease with the state in coming months.


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