New Macs due to arrive; Apple goes on the offensive

New Macs due to arrive; Apple goes on the offensive

Apple will unveil its new PowerBook 3400, a revamped line of desktop Power Macs and a couple of other goodies on Monday (see a Reuter report for some details). A MacWEEK article reports that Apple intends to match this with a more aggressive "get tough" marketing campaign.

Update: MacWEEK has a set of reviews on the new desktop Power Macs, PowerBook 3400 series, and the low end Power Mac 4400. The PowerBook 1400 also gets a "face lift" to 133MHz. I had already just about decided that a 3400 was in my future. The review makes it a certainty.

Unfortunately, MacWEEK says that the release of the desktop Power Macs (7300, 8600 and 9600) is reportedly delayed due to a "heat issue."

Finally, MacWEEK has a story about the new line of Macs that will be replace the existing Performa line starting in late March or early April. It includes one model with a 300MHz CPU.


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