New Kindle ad puts the boot into the iPad Air

New Amazon Kindle Fire HDX TV ad from the US gives a smackdown to the "magical" iPad Air and its Retina display.

Apple has a very distinct style when it comes to its advertising: lots of white and as much use as possible of words like "magical", "wonder" and, in the case of the iPod, "funness".

(Screenshot by Nic Healey/CNET Australia)

So it's not too surprising that Amazon has stuck the boot in with its Kindle Fire HDX commercial in the US. Using a British voice for the iPad Air (not quite Jony Ive but not a million miles away), the ad compares the two and shows that the 8.9-inch Fire HDX not only has more pixels than the Retina display, but it's also 20 per cent lighter.

It's even cheaper, although in Australia the pricing is a little different: you'll pay AU$429 for the Kindle tablet , and the iPad Air starts at AU$598.

We'll throw Apple at least one bone here: the iPad Air may be a little heavier, but at 9.7 inches, it's also sporting a bigger screen. That's gotta add a little weight, surely?


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