New iTrip hits the road

Griffin Technology today announced the availability of its newly revamped iTrip FM transmitter for the iPod, which now includes a backlit LCD screen and a tuning knob.

The new version, offered at a $39.99 introductory price, also now gives users the ability to select LX or DX modes of broadcasting and either U.S. or International tuning modes. It has automatic volume control and will remember your frequency settings. The device is made for the Photo, U2, and third- and fourth-generation iPods.

Credit: Griffin Technology

Ilounge has written a very comprehensive review of the new iTrip and gives it an A rating at the $39.99 price. It warns, however, that while the device offers low levels of static compared to its earlier competitors, "there is no such thing as a static-free FM transmitter." An iLounge reader also offered some, well, interesting insight: "My only concern is why this poor iPod has been forced to play Jennifer Lopez. Bad iPod owner, bad."

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