New iPod cases feature fan icons

As for iPod coverings, we thought we had seen it all, particularly when we recently learned of a new line of handmade Halloween costumes for the popular music player.

Credit: XtremeMac

But it appears a new trend could be emerging: iPod cases with officially licensed logos and characters. For example, beginning Nov. 1, XtremeMac will be shipping its Iconz line of rubber iPod Nano cases adorned with favorites like Batman, Scooby Doo, Bart Simpson, SpongeBob Squarepants, Darth Vader, and--for the retro at heart--Speed Racer. In addition, the Iconz Sports line, for now anyway, features five popular Major League Baseball teams. Both Iconz lines cost $24.95.

Credit: Slappa

Slappa is also about to start shipping its NBA-themed SlipScreen case for the iPod Mini and appears to have other similar products in the works. The SlipScreen is on sale now for $17 with free shipping.

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