New iPod carrying device grabs you

You want your iPod at your fingertips, unencumbered by a case. But you don't trust plastic clips, which tend to break or feel insecure.

The latest Rivet Grab, this one for iPods, might be just the carrying contraption you've been looking for.

Rivet Grab for iPods
Credit: Rivet

Rivet Grab's clip is made from stainless steel and has a one-touch release system. The harness, made from molded leather, attaches to different mounts (one for the car dash) and provides full access to all iPod controls and sockets.

Rivet has been making its family of Grab devices for mobile devices for a couple years now, but the Grab for iPods only launched in Apple stores a couple weeks ago. Company official Chris Parnell, speaking on behalf of all fellow executives, said the Grab for iPod evolved out of pure "admiration" for the digital music player.

The product's developer, who travels with everything from a Leatherman to an iPod, found that plastic clips always broke, and cases just didn't do the sleek device justice, Parnell said.

The Rivet Grab for iPods, which received a good review from Portable Entertainment, costs about $30 through Apple stores and almost $40 from Rivet's online store.

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