New IPK Installer (Filecoaster) Requires Desktop SDK Install

About the fact that filecoaster does, at some point, require a desktop.

About the fact that filecoaster does, at some point, require a desktop.

There has been much excitement about a new application, filecoaster, that allows some users to install homebrew apps without going through a desktop.


However, after much trial and error and forum discussioning (I made that word up), I can report that if you have Mac with OSX 10.4, you can not enjoy this ipk installer.

I, and some very confused others at Pre Central, had understood the claim that filecoaster allowed for "downloading and installing homebrew applications without needing the desktop" to mean that this was a way for downloading homebrew apps totally without the need for a desktop, but that is not the case: You need to be able to install the SDK on your desktop first.

Ah, well. That was exciting for about 20 minutes. Guess those of us with 10.4 or other trouble installing the SDK are still SOL.

Thanks, in any case, to PreGame who created filecoaster for some awesome work! There are lots of happy people who have started using it.

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