New, iPhone-optimized version of Talkety (Web-based VOIP) on the way

New, iPhone-optimized version of Talkety (Web-based VOIP) on the way

We previously reported on Talkety, a Web-based VOIP service that works to some extent on the iPhone. In a nutshell, the service works as you'd expect: some slight delay, but overall decent voice quality.

We've now received word that a new version of Talkety is on the way, with significantly enhanced iPhone support. A project manager told us:

"We are at the moment developing a special version of Talkety for the iPhone, which will for example store your iPhone telephone number, so you do not have to choose it before dialing, it will allow synching of your addresses via iSync and is adapted to a smaller screen width."

The company also recently updated its login system to work better with the iPhone -- one of our complaints with the initial iteration.
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