New iPad Mini rumor: 6M coming in third quarter

The latest comes by way of a translated report from Chinese online portal Netease, which states the device will compete against Windows 8 tablets.


Another day, another iPad Mini rumor.

The latest comes by way of a report from Chinese portal Netease, translated by Kotaku, which states that a smaller version of Apple's hit tablet will come to market in the third quarter.

The report says that 6 million units will be ready for launch, and the smaller tablet could sell for $249 to $299.

While Steve Jobs himself has dismissed the notion of a smaller iPad, rumors have continued to pop up that Apple is readying a smaller version of its iPad. The success of Amazon's Kindle Fire, which has sold well largely thanks to its lower price tag, may have convinced Apple that there is an opportunity for a smaller, more affordable tablet. Analysts have said such a device would help it maintain its lead over competitors.

Apple may be preparing the smaller iPad as a response to the expected launch of competitive devices running on Windows 8, according to the report. While Android tablets haven't sold as well, Microsoft could have more luck given the potential to integrate desktop, laptop, and tablet operating systems.

For now, the iPad continues to dominate the market.

A representative for Apple declined to comment.

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