New information from Apple TIL files (and a tip about TIL URLs)

New information from Apple TIL files (and a tip about TIL URLs)

Dimmed extension icons In Mac OS 8, with File Sharing off, go to your Extensions folder and locate the File Sharing Extension icon. Now, using your Control Strip module, turn on File Sharing and watch the icon change to the "dimmed" icon typically used to indicate an "open" application. What's going on? In a new TIL file, Apple says that this is "a new feature where extensions that launch background only processes, like the File Sharing Extension, are dimmed to give users feedback indicating there is a process running with the file." A similar situation can occur with some control panels.

New OpenDoc versions Another TIL file notes the difference between the two new versions of OpenDoc just released: "OpenDoc 1.2 requires a Macintosh with 68030 or greater with US Mac OS version 7.1.1 or later, or a Power Macintosh with US Mac OS version 7.1.2 or later and at least 8MB of memory. OpenDoc 1.2.1 should be used with US Mac OS 8.0 or later.

Psst. A TIL URL tip Check out the URLs for the TIL files listed in this item. Compare them to the URLs for the same files that result from using the TIL search engine to find the file. The URLs here are much simpler and shorter. Basically, you can create a URL for any TIL file simply by substituting its ID number for the ID number listed at the end of the URLs here. A reader (sorry, I lost the name) sent me this tip awhile back. Thanks!


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