New info on rumored Ferrari Dino

Ferrari Dino

There are few gadgets that make this Crave expert's heart beat fast. A Ferrari at a potentially reasonable price point is one of them.

AutoWeek seems to have new info about Ferrari's plans to re-introduce the Dino ('67 206 GT and '69 246 GT models below), an entry-level Ferrari that was originally produced between 1967 and the mid-seventies.

The original Ferrari Dino, nicknamed for Enzo Ferrari's son Alfredino, was the first "mass-produced" car in the Ferrari collection. The body was designed by Battista Pininfarina and held the V6 engine designed by Vittorio Jano, famed Ferrari engineer who championed the idea of a mid-engine production car, according to Ferrari history.

The new car, it is rumored, is being designed by the Pininfarina company. Ferrari, gearing up to build about 4,000 annually, is also in talks with Pininfarina as a production partner. The car, AutoWeek reported, would be available in 2009 and have a V8 engine producing 400 hp.

It's fitting that the new Ferrari will have the same name as its first mass-produced model, since it will most likely be an entry-level sports car (under $150,000), along the same lines as the Porsche 911.

Winding Road claims to have the first pictures of the Dino prototype.

(Photos: Ferrari)

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