New 'Halo'-esque look for Korea's troops

Korean Agency for Defense Development is designing battle uniforms for the "future combatant" that include bulletproof helmets and automatic temperature control.


Things may be getting a little more stylish up on the DMZ (the Korean Demilitarized Zone) when Republic of Korea troops don their new high-tech battle uniforms. Accessories could include bulletproof helmets and a new assault rifle.

The Agency for Defense Development will begin the two-phase development on a new combat uniform beginning next year, according to The Korea Times.

"The agency has completed studies on the concept of the future combatant uniform and equipment,'" an unnamed official told the newspaper. "From next year, we plan to begin developing related technology and equipment after getting approval from the Defense Acquisition Program Administration."

The new new battle uniforms would provide protection against nuclear, biological, and chemical attacks, and would feature automatic temperature control. A new protective vest is also planned. In addition to keeping the lead out, the helmet will be prewired for minicam video transmission, GPS navigation, and assorted networking gear, the official said.

The rifle has already been tested and could come online sooner than the rest of the outfit. The double-barreled K-11 assault rifle lets the shooter fire either NATO 5.56- or 20-millimeter grenades, all off the same trigger. Day and night aiming is accomplished with a thermal target seeker and laser that calculates distance automatically--a true point-and-shoot.

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