New graphics cards juice iBuyPower game PCs

Company announces three new game-dedicated desktop PCs: the Gamer Mage D245, 2011 Mage, and Gamer Fire 580. They all feature the new AMD Radeon HD graphic cards.

The iBuyPower Gamer Mage D245 iBuyPower

There's something wonderfully irresponsible about serious tools repurposed into toys.

It's a little bit of a flippant response to the hard-working realities of life--a proud, defiant pronouncement of "Yes, I have work to do. But I'm going to blow it off for a bit here and be a kid again."

Enter iBuyPower and its line of specially constructed gamer PCs . The hardware seller assembles top-of-the-line components into desktops and laptops designed to ship as all-inclusive gaming systems--ready for play out of the box, no add-ons needed. The company publicly prides itself on keeping up with the constantly evolving imaging and processor requirements of the latest PC games to make sure their bundled systems can always handle the load.

iBuyPower just announced three new gaming-dedicated desktop PC systems: Gamer Mage D245, 2011 Mage, and Gamer Fire 580. Each includes the new Advanced Micro Devices Radeon HD graphics cards and supports the latest graphics technology, including DirectX11 Tessellation and multi-monitor solutions.

The $499 Gamer Mage D245 features a liquid-cooled AMD Phenom II X2 260 dual-core CPU, 4GB of DDR3 memory, AMD Radeon HD 6450 1GB graphics card, 450W power supply, and a 500GB hard drive.

The $559 2011 Mage also offers a liquid-cooled AMD Phenom II X2 260 dual-core CPU, 4GB of DDR3 memory, AMD Radeon HD 6570 1GB graphics card, a 450W power supply, and a 640GB hard drive loaded into the Xion Echo Gaming Case.

The more powerful Gamer Fire 580, which costs $849, comes with a liquid-cooled AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition quad-core CPU, 4GB of DDR3 memory, the AMD Radeon 6670 1GB graphics card, 700W power supply, 1TB hard drive, and the NZXT Gama Gaming Case.

And, if none of these new entries light your gaming fire, you can always visit the iBuyPower build page to customize your own system.

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