New Google toolbar for IE includes desktop search

A new version of Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer users brings some Google search power to the desktop.

Correction:This post initially misstated where sponsored results show up. Sponsored results show up in toolbar searches and searches only.

Google on Tuesday released a new version if its software toolbar for Internet Explorer. Included is a feature carried over from the company's desktop search product--a search box that runs whether or not you have your browser open. This special box sits next to the Start button on your taskbar, and lets you search the Web, your browser bookmarks, and any files and applications you have on your PC.

In a blog post, the company said this release is an attempt to put the focus back on search. More importantly, it's getting people to start a Google search whether or not they've got their browser open--giving the company more chances to serve up ads. Part of that is already apparent, as users get sponsored results through toolbar searches, just like they would when searching from

The new quick search option puts a search box on your taskbar. Google

Other new features include the recently visited pages and bookmarks start page that first shipped with Chrome, then came to Firefox with its latest Google toolbar release . Google has also added its synchronization service, which will let you access your same Google bookmarks and autofill form information from multiple computers.

Users already running Google's desktop search program can turn off the quick search box, or use it as a replacement. Google has posted instructions for doing that here.

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