New Ferrari F1 wheel for racing sim diehards

Authentic, life-size controller modeled after a Ferrari 150 Italia Formula 1 racing wheel lets you feel even closer to the track.

Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On

Thrustmaster has announced an authentic, life-size controller modeled after a Ferrari 150 Italia Formula 1 racing wheel. The replica is covered with buttons, switches, and dials, as well as two F1-style "push and pull" metal shifters. It's designed as a replacement wheel for the company's existing T500 RS racing system featuring 1,080-degree rotation, powerful force-feedback and a heavy-duty metal footrest.

A full setup will cost close to $800 ($199 for the F1 wheel and $599 for the T500 RS), which can be hard to stomach for most gamers even though it is PC- and PS3-compatible. But for that price, you do get an advanced PC mode that supports 25 action buttons and a directional pad for race simulation junkies. The Ferrari F1 Wheel add-on will be launched in early October.

(Source: Crave Asia via Ubergizmo)

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