New England Journal of Medicine releases iPad edition

The journal says its weekly print issue is now enhanced on the iPad with audio, expandable images, and search, share, and notation features.

Access is free for current journal subscribers. Screenshot by Elizabeth Armstrong Moore/CNET

The New England Journal of Medicine, the oldest continuously published medical journal in the world (it celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2012), is now offering up its content on the iPad.

The journal says the iPad edition of its weekly, peer-reviewed content includes audio, video, expandable images, and features such as sharing, searching, and notating.

"We know that you're busy, and you want to have the relevant clinical information you need, right at your fingertips," reported the journal on its blog this week.

The app is available free for download at the iTunes App Store. Current journal subscribers get free access to the iPad edition, while anyone can view and navigate one fully functional issue for free. App-only subscribers can access single issues for $5.99 and ongoing subscriptions, which are renewed automatically, for $14.99 a month.

The iPad edition enables users to share content via Facebook, Twitter, or email. Bookmarking articles, images, and figures is made easy with a notation feature, and every downloaded issue (available on Thursdays) is automatically organized within the app's personal user library for future reference and easy searching.

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