New AT&T survey asks about iPhone 3G, GPS, MMS, third-party app support

New AT&T survey asks about iPhone 3G, GPS, MMS, third-party app support

AT&T has sent a new survey to some iPhone customers that asks some interesting questions about functionality and usage.

One query asks what currently non-existent iPhone features users would most desire. It then proceeds to list some of the most discussed missing features on the iPhone, including corporate email support, 3G (network support), GPS, Picture Messaging (MMS), the ability to use the iPhone with other service providers (not just AT&T), downloadable Ringtones, a user-Replaceable battery, more storage, a "search function" and more. The survey goes on to ask if the user would buy an updated "version 2.0" iPhone if it included some subset of these features.

Another interesting question, depicted in this flickr post, asks "What third party applications/Widgets have you downloaded to your Apple iPhone? Please be as specific as possible." Of course, we're not sure if this refers to third-party Web-apps, or yet-to-be announced sanctioned binary applicaitons.


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